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IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not the Fox Familiar from FF.Net--my account there has been inactive since 2013. While I'm flattered that I've apparently bothered Fox so much by calling her out on her bad behavior that she's willing to use me as a scapegoat, I assure you we are very different people!
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god fucking damn thassarian and koltira are just so god damn gay together

Gayest murdership ever.

"OMG, you bitch! Why did you tell her I liked people to look at my feet?? That was between me and you!"




Your first time is NOT supposed to hurt

You are NOT supposed to bleed

If you bleed, that is NOT your hymen being ‘popped’, it is a tear due to lack of sexual arousal and natural lubrication.

This is all a MYTH perpetrated by men so they don’t have to make sure you are comfortable and sufficiently aroused enough before you have sex with them. It is an excuse to disregard and hurt you.

I just really want women to know this.

wait…. really?

yes really

please DO NOT assume that just because my character is doing something that i as the writer


  • approve of it
  • am romanticizing it
  • have a kink with regard to it
  • think it is okay for anyone to ever do ever

because sometimes my character does things that I absolutely cringe at and which are almost painful to write.

but my writing a villain does not make me a villian

understand that it is fiction and I do not condone the wrong actions that sometimes are written out on my blog for in-character purposes.

I do have an ask game ask that I intend to answer, I just keep getting distracted… =.=



i need a 1k selfie before i die


I see no downsides here.

collections that are raw as fuck zuhair murad pre-fall 2014



i can’t stop laughting

This was an adventure



i can’t stop laughting

This was an adventure

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It’s fucking siDEWAYS AGAIN

It’s fucking siDEWAYS AGAIN

I think I’m finally back to not being followed by any porn blogs again.

Sorry to have disappointed, sexy singles in skimpy speedos.

Send me o.O for my character’s reaction to yours walking in on them while they are naked.




(This should be amusing.)

This has the potential to be really bad.

Oh, this could be good.

streaks-of-starlight said: You’re cute and beautiful ahhhh

Thank yooooooooooou X3